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Team ILN stands for Impact Leadership Network.

We are dedicated to growing the leadership team to make a positive impact in your life, in your community and in the world as a whole.

ILN is about creating opportunities and pursuing possibilities. Our goal is simply to help you and your family reach your greatest potential. Through our Team site, proven visionary leadership, powerful consumer concepts, professional sales, and product training, and cutting edge technology, we are helping people succeed. Your challenge is to do all you can do and we’ll do all the rest. Our vision is to make Team ILN the biggest and the best financial services organization in the industry.


Our platform helps you make a smooth transition from full-time employee to full–time entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter as much that you work 4 hours a week or 40. What matters most is that you don’t quit!

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Start slow and steady–making strategic steps to build momentum.

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Work to fund your business by blocking out time each week to hit goals.

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Maximize your efforts with a 100% focus on your business and future.



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A big part of our mission is to create wealth for our clients and our associates. With this goal that motivates and our leadership team that you have become associated with, you are now a part of something bigger than yourself. The Team ILN content is the vehicle that will allow us to achieve our Vision and Mission. Our team has a tradition of winning and a tradition of promoting strong leaders. If you are serious, committed, disciplined, and coachable to our system, you can change your life forever. Your future takes a giant leap forward right now with the studying of this information. Then through relentless repetition and copying our blueprint for success, you possibly can make your dreams come true, as many others have before you, by using our proven, duplicable Team ILN system.


We are all here to support you on this journey, Welcome to Entrepreneurship!


101 Reasons Being An Entrepreneur Rocks

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We look forward to seeing you at the top!


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