Join date: Jan 17, 2022


Very excited about my opportunities as an aspiring associate with Team ILN! As a Paralegal with over seventeen years of experience, I have come across many different clients who could greatly benefit from the services WFG has to offer especially when life throws those curveballs.

As a mother of a son who is in active addiction, I know personally that dreams change at a moments notice. It is always a goal that a parent strives to give their child a better future from what they had, but it is not always achieved under the current circumstances. Faced with struggles emotionally and financially, some will even go hungry enabling her addict.

Coming to Team ILN has me rethinking there is a better way to reach out to those who are living with a loved one's addiction. Providing for them without handing over the $10 to the corner drug dealer. I am excited to see how I will be able to bring two different worlds together to give back to those who are faced every day with the struggles addiction brings to a family! Knowing that I have made a difference in securing the knowledge that that loved one will still be protected.