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Where to start? First, a husband to a wonderful woman, father of 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Love to help people, but also love my privacy and recharge time (so dicotomy). God is huge in every aspect of my life. Money is not my driver, people and their wealth (health, spirit, family, minds and financial) is my burn on desire to help. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lived ten years in Venezuela (expat oil camps); went t high school in ... yes, Minnesota (climate and culture shock); lived in Colorado, Missouri, Alabama, Delaware, Texas and now live in California. Speak fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese. Inermediate in french, Italian and German; learning Hebrew. Professionally, I have been a computer operator, trainer (to US military and private corporations) and in past 15 years, I have been an independent project - change / communications consultant. Looking to help peopel help themselves and earn money to be able to retire (as my pension(s) is very small and one cannot rely on Social Security. I am positive and enthsiastic. I love to train and be a coach and mentor... maybe this is my avenue. Let's connect!

Dan Karjala
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