Step 1
Once you have received your welcome/approval letter from WFG, the first thing you will need to do
is create an account with WFG Direct.
This website will offer a streamlined set of resources that are most useful to you. Links to training videos, pre-licensing course/ licensing information, recruiting materials and our ancillary products are just one click away allowing you to get your business up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Create An Account
  • In the top right corner click" sales rep login ", this will take you to the login page. Click "create password" and enter your birth date, email, and Agent Id. **Make sure you use the same email used on your application with WFG.**
  • It will send a verification code to your email, enter the verification code, then create your password, and security question.
  • Once you have created your password, return to the login page, and login using your Agent ID and your password.
This is where you can access all areas of WFG Direct. You should see the following tabs on the Home Page: Product Information, Resources, Training, Reports, DNC, FAQ, and My Profile.
Product Information Tab

In the Product Information tab, you can find the following:


  • WFG sales Rules Packages- this is where you can find Skyline Security Product Packages/Points

  • WFG Direct Skyline Compensation- this is where you can find the compensation guidelines for Skyline Security

Resources Tab

This tab has two sections, "Guidelines" and "Marketing".


  • Guidelines- here you can view the WFG Direct Policy and Procedure Manual

  • Marketing- here you can find a business card template that you can print or download.

Training Tab

The training tab has 3 sections, "Products & Providers", "Recruiting", "WFGIA".

  • Products & Providers- This is where you can find a list of all the referral partners WFG Direct offers, and an overview of each provider.

  • Recruiting- This section provides a video of the History of WFG, as well as a video on how to complete an AMA, and register a new recruit on WFG Direct.

  • WFGIA- This is the section you will use to enroll in your pre-licensing online course, as well as other information regarding licensing and TFA.

Reports Tab

Reports and Statements will be available on WFG Direct soon


Reports and Statements will be available on WFG Direct soon


This is where you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers, for example:

  • How do I sign-up a recruit for WFG Direct?

  • Can those outside California sign-up for WFG Direct?

  • What providers are offered through WFG Direct?

  • What is the WFG Foundation? Etc.

My Profile Tab

This is where you can access your personal information like contact info, and password reset.

Getting Started

Step 2: How To Enroll In Your 52 Hour Pre-Licensing Course

21300 Victory Blvd Suite #120

Woodland Hills, CA 91367