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Estate Planning

Estate planning is assisting executors with the organization and processing of estate documentation. The executor or administrator of the estate has the important task of administering the estate efficiently and properly. The important duties assigned to the executor include:

Collecting and organizing estate assets
Paying estate debts
Minimizing estate taxes liability
Paying the IRS the correct amount of death taxes
Preparing and filing inheritance tax forms with the IRS
Valuing, managing and liquidating estate property
Locating beneficiaries

Estate and inheritance taxes

A good estate tax preparer will assist you with complicated tax obligations by:

Evaluating deductions to reduce the taxable estate
Calculating the fair market value of the estate
Preparing estate and inheritance tax forms
Reviewing the estate and inheritance tax closing letter
Representing the estate in an IRS or state revenue department examination
Appealing inaccurate proposals of estate or inheritance tax amounts made by the IRS or state revenue agents

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Simple Trust

Starting at $1,300

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Custom Trust

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S Corporation

C Corporation


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Simple Trust - Married or Simple Trust - Single

includes the following.

1. Pour-Over Will

2. Transaction Specific Revocable Trust

3. Transfer documents

4. Durable Powers of Attorney - Health and Assets plus HIPAA

5. Guardian of Minor Children or incompetent elder family member (client would have to obtain 2 doctors who would write a letter stating the member is incompetent as proof).

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Estate Planning

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