How To Use BSC Pro

Step 7

Create An Account
  • Enter all the required information to set up your account. In addition to your personal information, you will
    also need to know your Agent ID, your Upline SMD, and your upline CEO
  • Once all information is entered, click "create an account" at the bottom of the page.
  • Your account is now created. Return to login page and enter the username and password you just
    created to login to your account.
Once you login, it will automatically bring you to your dashboard {homepage). You can access any function of BSCpro from this page.
To the right at the top of the page, you will see the menu button and a list of all BSCpro functions available to you. You should see the tabs Prospects, BPM, Recruits, Matchup Book, Production, Licensing, Office Locator, My Organization, and Invite your team.
On the top left of your Dashboard, you will see your name. If you click your name it will bring you to your profile, and account settings. Also, on the left of your Dashboard, you will also see "This week "Line up", this will give you a detailed view of our next BPM, the trainers, topics of training, special guest, etc.
Prospects Tab

If you click the Prospects Tab on your dashboard, you will see it has two sections "Prospect Tracker" and "No
Call List"


  • The Prospect Tracker- is where you can add new prospects information and track your communication with your prospects. You can also add notes, for example where you met the prospect, the last time you followed up with your prospect, etc. The Prospect Tracker is a great way to keep track of your communication and follow-ups with your Prospects as well as keeping all your prospect's info in one place.

  • No Call List- this is where you can add any prospect, that wishes to not be called any more. This is required by law and compliance.


When you click the BPM Tab, you will see all 4 sections of this tab Add Guest, BPM Invites, Guest Check­ In,
and Sent Name List.

  • Add Guest- This is where you can add your guest and their information to our BPM Guestlist. Make
    sure to include your Guest's name, phone number, and email if possible. Also make sure that you
    are adding your guest to the right BPM day, time, and office location.

  • BPM Invites- This is where you can see a list of all your guest that you have invited to this week’s
    BPM. If you would like to review a guest list of yours from a previous BPM, just click the calendar icon,
    and select the date of the BPM you are looking for. You will also be able to see all downline/team invites if you have a SA/MD or above account.

  • Guest Check-In- This function is only available to SMD's and above

  • Sent Name List- This list will show all your BPM invites that were sent to a BPM outside your
    regular baseshop list. For example, if you send a guest to another baseshop out of state. This is the
    page you would go to in order to see their progress, notes, and whether or not they attended the BPM.​

Recruits Tab

The recruits tab has 2 sections, "Add New Recruit", "Recruit Tracker"

  • Add New Recruit- This is where you will enter your new recruit's information, this includes personal information like name, phone number, as well as new recruit's agent ID.


  • Recruit Tracker- Is where you can add new recruit's information and track their progress through the
    eight-speed filters. This is a great way to know what your recruit has already completed and the
    steps that need to be completed next. You can also add notes, for example, what you are currently
    working on with your recruit, things you need to review with your recruit, etc. Recruit Tracker is a great tool to keep all your recruits organized and on track for success.

Matchup Book Tab

The Matchup book Tab has 3 sections, "Request Match up", "Add Personal Appointment", and "Matchup Book"


  • Request Match-Up- When you have a new lead, you can request to be matched up with a trainer to
    go on the appointment with you. So, you can put in the prospects/client's information and then
    request the matchup, that information will go to your SMD and they can match you up with anappropriate, licensed trainer to help you with the appointment.

  • Add Personal Appointment- This is where you can add and track your personal appointments. You
    will also be able to view your scheduled personal appointments on your dashboard page by
    clicking Match-Up Follow up the tab next to this week's line up.

  • Matchup Book- Available only with a monthly subscription

Production Tab

The Production tab has two sections "Add Production" and "Production Tracker"


  • Add Production- This is where you add your new production. You can enter the type of product, client, date written, policy #, points for production, etc

  • Production Tracker- Available only with a monthly subscription

Licensing Tab

This is where you can find detailed instructions on all parts of the licensing process. This section covers:
1. Prelicensing Course & Exam Prep
2. Schedule Exam
3. Passed Exam: Apply for License
4. Receive License
5. Send License to WFG
6. Complete and Submit Anti-Money Laundering
7. Complete & Submit 8 Hour Annuity
8. Complete & Submit 8 Hour LTC
9. Get Appointed
10. Get Monthly Access Pass (E&O's)

Office Locator & My Organization Tab

Tabs are only available to those who have a monthly subscription

Invite Your Team Tab

Use this tab to invite new associates on your team to BSCpro. Enter your new associate's name and email, and
BSC pro will send an invitation to sign up for BSCpro. To invite multiple people, click the "Import Excel" button.

Help Button

If you ever have a question regarding how to use BSCpro, you can use the help chat box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

21300 Victory Blvd Suite #120

Woodland Hills, CA 91367