Appointments/ E&O/ Direct Deposit

Step 6

A licensed associate can easily request an appointment with a carrier (provider) by following these steps:
Step 1:
Log into your MYWFG account ( ) or click here
Step 2:
Click the menu button in the top right corner
Step 3:

Select Licensing and Appointments

Step 4:

Select Appointments

Step 5:
Select Carrier Appointments
Step 6:
Select product type- This is where you can select the product type you wish to be appointed for. You should see the following options listed here:
  • Fixed Indexed Annuities
  • Variable Life/Annuities
  • Life/Disability
  • Long Term Care
  • Medicare Supplement
***Start with Life and Disability providers FIRST***
Step 6:
After you select the product type and provider click*Non-New York Life and Disability Carriers",
then select the carrier(s) you wish to be appointed with.
The following are a list of Life/Disability Providers you should get appointed with first:
  • Transamerica Life Ins
  • Transamerica Premier
  • Nationwide
  • Pacific Life 
  • Everest
  • Crump

** All the above Providers EXCEPT for Crump, have their own application process. Click the Carrier's name and following instructions. **

Appointment Process for Crump Carriers
Step 1:
After you select product type and Carrier (Crump) click "Start Electronic Application" and select State you wish to be appointed in. Then click "Continue" This will automatically take you to
Step 2:
On the homepage click "Contract Now" and then click "I agree"
Step 3:

Next click "Start contracting questions" and then click "continue to questions"

Step 4:

Select a Carrier and then click "continue to questions"

Step 5:
When you have completed all required fields click "submit"
Step 6:
To check the status of your appointment request(s), go to the Reports area of MyWFG and select the Licenses and Appointments Report, filter the Classification to "Appointment" to review your status. Remember, to view pending appointments make sure to set the "status" filter as pending.
Step 7:
When you are appointed, WFG will issue E&O insurance. The cost is $65 a month. You MUST sign up for E&O reoccurring payment. You go to then click on "Menu" then click on "Administration" then on  "Payment Central" then click on "Platform Fee/E&O" then click on "Subscribe Now"
Step 8:
Sign up for Direct Deposit by visiting then click on "Menu" then click on "Administration" then click on "Boss Electronic Forms" and then you'll click on "Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement"

**A $5.00 processing fee will be applied to every commission check WFG has to mail to you/office, so signing up is recommended.**

Keep this number in your cell phone - Encino Office#: 818.757.7046

Step 7: How To Use BSC Pro

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