52 Hr Pre Licensing Course Enrollment

Step 2

Here are the steps to take to enroll in your 52-hour pre-licensing course.
Step 1:
Go to teamiln.com and click the “Associates” tab, password is Impact (capital I)
Step 2:
Go to the “New Associates” Tab and click “pre-licensing” on the drop-down menu.
Step 3:

This should’ve have rerouted you to Xcel Testing Solutions website. Click the “Life, Accident,
Health” Tab

Step 4:

Scroll down and select language preference for your course ( English or Spanish)

Step 5:
Select State you’re are applying for your license
Step 6:
Select the Pre-licensing course “ Life, Accident, and Health Insurance. The course total will show as $199.99, add to cart and continue to checkout.
Step 7:
Apply promo code “WFG” at checkout, this should discount the course to around 25.00. (tax not included)
Step 8:
Complete check out and START STUDYING!!
Step 3: Schedule PSI Licensing Exam

21300 Victory Blvd Suite #120

Woodland Hills, CA 91367